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About Us

Creative Natives Hawaiʻi is a grassroots initiative that empowers black, indigenous, & people of color (BIPOC) to take positive action through art and music with regard and respect for each other's cultural identities. Creative Natives Music/Multimedia Group (CNMG) is an independent record label, multimedia studio, music publishing company & creative arts platform that provides quality service to aspiring and established artists. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to foster an environment for local creatives to freely express themselves while building a community based on ethnocultural values. This platform allows artists to build a professional network with other like-minded artists who share the common goal of perpetuating righteousness within our local communities and within ourselves. Through collaboration and conscious action, we intend to produce inspirational and liberating works of art for our communities and the world.



Creative Natives LLC - Music Production, Photography & Art Studio, Lifestyle Brand, Beginner ʻUkulele/Guitar Lessons, Acoustic Video Sessions, Record Label and Music Publishing.

Phase II 

Creative Natives Hawai'i Non-Profit 501(c)3 - Community Events, Cultural Workshops, Year-Round Music & Arts Program for Youth and Young Adults, Maker's Meet-Up (local vendors and live music), and "support local" directory. 



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CEO/Creative Director


Owner of Creative Natives LLC 

Ashton is a musician, singer/songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, traveler, and cultural advocate. He was born and raised in Kalihi Valley on the island of Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi and is of Filipino descent with both of his parents being full Ilokano. Ashton's upbringing in Hawaiʻi was unique in that his surrounding community consisted of many other islander immigrants. This became a culture in itself; redefining what it meant to be a "local" in Hawaiʻi. He currently works as a music instructor alongside Mana Maoli in the Mana Mele program and is a horticultural assistant at his college where he is enrolled in the coveted MELE (Music and Entertainment Learning Experiences) program pursuing his Associate of Science in Music Business & Production.


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