Painting Hawaii

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The beautiful thing about living on an island surrounded by luscious nature is that it inspires you to be alive and enjoy the moment. Painting Hawaii brings you into that moment via art therapy. Whether it be a vibrant mural or a plein air painting experience, Painting Hawaii will surely provide you with a positive feeling. Scroll on and learn more about how fun PaintingHI is! 


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Liven up your wall and bring vibrance to your home or business!


Experience the therapeutic effects of learning how to paint "in the open air".


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Jae Bird

Owner of Painting HI & Photo Bird Imagery.

Jae Bird is a muralist, fine art/landscape artist, plein air instructor and entrepreneurial queen . Originally from Portland, Oregon, she is a third generation artist. Painting lessons began with her Grandmother, then continued through Honolulu Museum of Art School and private training under master plein air artist Joakim Flash.  The seven years she has resided in Hawaii have inspired her artistic expression. Her impressionistic style allows her to  capture the moment in an elegant manner and the talent she possesses can be found in each piece of her work. Her paintings will surely add value and peace to your life. When she's not painting, she's under the sea working as a scuba  photographer with Photo Bird Imagery. Learn more at



Painting HI can provide you with the color(s) you need to attract customers and guests. Jae Bird is especially skilled at painting the fauna and flora of natural scenery that provokes a feeling of being deep in nature. 

Step 1:

Choose your canvas. Where do you want your mural painted? Measure the dimensions of your wall or building.

Step 2:

Determine your design. What type of design do you want? Paiting HI will work with you to visualize the design you desire. If you already have one, we'll go from there!

Step 3:

Get a quote. Painting HI will send you a digital image of the mural superimposed on your wall. Pricing starts at  $20/square ft.

Step 4:

Confirm payment and schedule the date(s) to complete your custom mural.