Private, online beginner lessons for kids (ages 7+) and adults of all ages. Learn the basics of ukulele or guitar and become better at jamming!

  • Schedule private lessons with Ashton Nicolas (1 lesson per week, 30 min. each via Zoom) Personalized instruction based on your skill level is provided.

  • Exclusive access to ukulele tutorials that will improve your fundamentals and performance.

  • Learn your favorite songs that you couldn't quite get the hang of.

  • Become a better ukulele/guitar player. Learn improvement techniques to help you remember finger placement, strumming patterns, etc. 

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Register by clicking HERE for ukulele or guitar lessons with Kumu Ash.

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James Bourassa
Quebec, Canada

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Had a lesson with Ashton during an event in Italy where we were doing arts. He spent time teaching me Ukulele and under 30 minutes I could play 4 songs and knew the chords already! He's a super good teacher, he makes learning super easy and he has clear and precise teaching. For sure the best and the more fun Ukulele you can find. Thanks mate for that time!

5/5-star rating!
Valerie Blakely
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

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Ashton is the most fun person to learn from. You never feel judged or awkward. This guy is the real deal, he makes everything so much easier than it seems. I APPRECIATE him as a mentor and friend. He is a natural in all areas of life. You should get a him!!:)) You will not regret it!! lol love this guy!

5/5-star rating!
Raiza Garcia
Honolulu, Hawai'i

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Ashton is a wonderful teacher. He is so patient and encouraging with my high energy 7 year old son. He is teaching us both together and we are excited to learn to Ukelele. He is a humble and gifted musician whose love for his craft shines in how he pours out to his students. I definitely recommend lessons with him!

5/5-star rating!
Marilyn Santiago
Luquillo, Puerto Rico

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5/5-star rating!

Ashton is the most patient and dedicated when it comes to sharing his knowledge and love for music. His simple approach makes the learning process less scary, way more achievable and fun!

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